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Where you are, isn't where you're going! (Tracy on the Flip side)

Although she is no stranger to struggle, Tracy talks about her path thru healing from those struggles. When was the turn around? How did she actually heal? What does she want YOU to know about how to have your own recovery transformation!

How to Make Your Opinion REALLY Heard!

We have lost the art of REALLY be heard! How to have tough conversations with those who think differently than we do. What questions to ask yourself! And how to solve all world problems! (ok exaggeration...but do I have your attention?

How Can Covid19 Make Me a Better Person?

After getting Covid19, Tracy ponders about 2020, 2021, and why on earth would someone she trusted, tell her that Covid was going to make her a better person!

How to Move Into 2021

Lets face it...2020 was a challenge. How can you set yourself up for 2021 to a better outcome?

The Realities of Race and Relationships with Arthur Oniah

I got to sit down with a friend of mine, and talk about some real issues facing our world today, and everyday! You may laugh, you may cry, you may find yourself with some information that is critical to your life and relationships! More from Arthur to come!

Good, Better, or Best! Lessons from the Garbage Bin

It's not always good enough to pick good over bad, sometimes it's time to choose Best, over better or good! The lessons that game from the garbage bin were NO JOKE, and Tracy is going to give you the low down to upgrade your life FAST!

Who, What, Why, and How is Tracy STILL HERE?

Who is Tracy? What makes her determined to help others turn their tragedy into triumph? Why should anyone trust her? How can her traumas help you with you with your triumph!? My interview with Andrew Ward- Farbetterment Podcast- is what inspired me to take the Speaking/Podcasting rout with my passion to help those recover from past traumas!

1 Practice to Radically Transform Your Life NOW (Thank Goodness!)

Tracy is sharing 1 simple change to your life that will RADICALLY CHANGE your life! This 1 practice is scientifically (and personally) proven to improve your life! You won't be sorry!

Vet speaks out on Perseverance and Growth! Interview with Arthur Oniah

Arthur takes his past experiences and uses them to speak out on perseverance and growth! As a Veteran of the US military, his mission has now become speaking to other Veterans and youth to lead them to the right mindset!

How Maria Daniels Started Healing- Pt 2

Sexual Trauma and Relationship Struggles- Maria Daniels Tells All! Pt 1

Podcaster, Sexual Trauma Survivor, and Complex PTSD Warrior- Maria Daniels- Talks very openly about past traumas of Rape and Sexual Assault. (Viewer be advised some sexual verbal content) We discuss the long term effects of her abuse, how it affected her future relationships, how it changed how she made decisions, and so much more! She openly tells her story in a way that pulls you in, and helps see other's stories in hers. Find more of her podcast and content -Maria Daniels with "Successfully Chaotic". https://linktr.ee/successfullychaotic https://www.successfullychaotic.com/ info@successfullychaotic.com

Mom's Pic Goes Viral and Get's a Surprise from Drew Barrymore

Jana Coombs posted an everyday pic of her son struggling with virtual learning during the COVID19 Pandemic. Now, she is here to talk about how it went viral world wide, the message she intended to share, the importance of not listening to the haters, being on the Drew Barrymore Show, and the surprise that Drew gave her that got us talking about our glory days in the figure skating world. Do I hear a reunion of these 2 former figure skaters in the near future? She's a dear friend of mine, and it was a pleasure to support her in sharing her message and love for our children and families during this trying time! Links below to the whole interview with Jana on the Drew Barrymore Show! https://youtu.be/SRyGB2gFNBY https://youtu.be/Rzs7u4KNU60

Overcoming the Devastating Storms in Life: The Warrior Way- with Lori Marini

Cancer and Tornadoes and Homeless, OH MY! We are blessed to hear how this true warrior overcame multiple life tragedies in just 2 years time span! Lori Marini is a true warrior, shining light example, and a trusted friend of mine!

You Can Fix Your Relationship in 1 Moment- Scott and Nancy pt 2

Are you ready to change the relationship patters in your life? My guests have a different approach that will really get your heart pumpin! Part 2 in this 2 part series with Scott and Nancy Kiesling was too much goodness to put into 1 episode! They use their own life experiences to come together and change the world for those who are willing to put in the work!

Overcoming Trauma thru Adventure with Scott and Nancy Pt 1

It was a pleasure to visit with Scott & Nancy Kiesling, a husband & wife life coaching team. They use their unique method of Adventure Therapy to support women in breaking their pattern of failed relationships so they can have the healthy, loving and amazing relationship they have always dreamed of! This is part 1/2, and you don't want to miss either one!

How to Deal With Tragedy Like a BOSS

Bad things happen, there is no avoiding that! And some of those things are really gonna hurt. So when people ask me, what to do when those times hit? My answer may surprise you!

Celebrating Our Wins, One Mile at a Time

Every little win, is still a win! All wins are worthy of celebrating! As I take a trip (both down memory lane and down the actual highway), we discuss celebrating those little wins, accept where we are, and leveling up towards where we want to be.

To Worry or Not To Worry

Its Back to School for many parents, guardians, teachers, students, and loved ones! Always a stressful time! But with Covid19 modifications, total changes to schedules and routines, riots, politics, and angry people at every turn, it can get ugly real fast! So we are going to talk about when it is ok (and when it is NOT) to worry!

How to Fix Your Vision Board Blues

Is your vision for your future lacking...results? A Vision Board can absolutely be a solution for that! However, there's a bit more to it than just making one. While working on my own (updated) vision board, I finally figured out the final missing piece!

Nightly Routine Hacks of the Most Successful People

Night time habits of successful people. How are you sleeping? Do you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day? I wasn't either! So I dug into the most successful people I know and look up to, to find some answers...and the results have been life changing!

Crush the Critics in Your Life

Face it, we all have critics in our lives-both in our personal lives and currently thru the masses and social media. Everyone has an opinion on how you live your life. Here we will explore how to crush the critics, know who to actually care about their critique, and keep your head on right, so you can do right!

6 Easy Habits of Successful People-Morning Routine

Habits of the most successful people in the world are more about what they do, then what they have. I'm reviling the 6 Habits that you can EASILY add to your morning, to get you on the right path to the goals and accomplishments you desire for your life!

Women Self Worth Issues Exposed Pt 2 with Trish Lee

Pt 2 of my talk with Trish Lee! Sorry Gentlemen, this one is for your ladies! Trish eloquently discusses Pageant life, body image issues, weight issues, self worth issues, and how to become empowered to win the battles of being a woman!

Life After Trauma with Trish Lee pt 1

Former pageant queen Trish Lee, turned Mental Health and Career Counselor, joins me in a 2 part episode series! In this episode, we talk about pageant life, motherhood, being authors, battling self image issues, childhood trauma, and more! Sounds serious, and it is, but we have a lot of fun doing it!

Narcissistic Abuse with Rebekah Redvall

Do you know a Narcissist? Have you been victim to their tactics? So have we! My special guest Rebekah Sundvall and I got together to talk about Narcissistic abuse, and you don't want to miss out on what we had to say!

Self Sabotage Top 10

We explore our biggest hurdle to overcoming PTSD, or any other obstacle-Self Sabotage! Lets chat about my Top 10 list of things we do that completely sabotage all progress and possibilities in our lives!

Emotional Support Animals for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and more

After a traumatic loss of my Best Friend, she still looks over me! Our new Dog has quickly became the Emotional Support Animal I didn't know we needed! I firmly believe she is a gift from God, and my friend who love us so much! PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, and so much more!

It's time for some REAL talk

Chaos surrounds us all, it seems, and the divide is stronger than ever on both sides of the lines. It's time for some real talk about real issues. But the talk needs to be on solutions, not just hammering on the problems. It's time for us to stand up for what is right!

Flashback and Triggers-Memorial Day addition

This Memorial Day, we tackle the areas of PTSD that Military Men/Women as well as non military warriors. Flashbacks and Triggers are classic staples for PTSD, for any trauma survivor. Today we will go deeper, and explore these together!

Labels: What's in a Name?

When are labels are a must? And when do they need to be ignored? No one likes to be pegged in a mold and generalization, but sometimes labels are needed to define a problem, in order to fix it correctly.